f o r s a l e # 8

new stuff fore sale at my united wardrobe. this is a dutch site, but you can always mail me incase your not a dutchie and see something nice!


w e a r i n g t o d a y # 1 9 0

black coat weekday / peach coat monki / trousers monki / shirt monki / sneakers nike / socks weekday / bag lightning factory


r a n d o m # 7 2

cute new icelolly tattoo! and some snaps of my other tattoo's, just because i LOVE  the look of them all together 


w e a r i n g t o d a y # 1 8 9

wearing a LOVELY  suit from missguided
 it looks stunning, but it's also comfy as hell. basically your perfect 'christmas with the family outfit' ♡ 
you can find the blazer here, and the trousers here. but there's a lot more to find on the site. go and have a look!  x 


w e a r i n g t o d a y # 1 8 8

jacket carin wester / skirt & other stories / blouse weekday / sneakers nike


w e a r i n g t o d a y # 1 8 7

trousers asos / shoes puma  / necklace mango / shirt & coat monki / knit zara  


r a n d o m # 7 1

as you might have already noticed ... i will be walking from pub to pub collecting shots as a veeeeery sophisticated PUMPKIN woohoo! have fun tonight! x


w e a r i n g t o d a y # 1 8 6

jacket carin wester / trousers stine goya / sneakers nike / scarf & shirt monki / necklace mango


r a n d o m # 7 0

new ink 'pap' (dad) and 'mam' (mum) in my own handwriting


w e a r i n g t o d a y # 1 8 5

dress weekday / coat monki / sneakers nike / socks hema